Even if you’re a beginner, we’re here to help you feel safe and enjoy!

01.Please ask us

“Bicycle specialty stores are kind of hard to get into…”
“I don’t know anything, but I want to try riding a bike…”

Our store aims to be a place where even first-time customers can feel at ease! It’s natural to have no idea what you’re doing the first time, so don’t worry, our knowledgeable and experienced staff will provide you with easy-to-understand and detailed explanations.

02.Select Bike

Based on your requirements (color, brand, budget, usage, delivery time, etc.), we will suggest the best one for you. Let’s choose the one that satisfies you!

The size of the bike (frame size) should be suitable for your height and build. At our store, we use the Shimano Bike Fitting System to calculate the optimal size for you.

03.Select Accessories

The next step is to choose the accessories you need.

In order to have a safe and comfortable cycling life, you will need lights, keys, an air pomp, a tire repair kit, and a helmet to protect your head in case of a crush.

There are many accessories available, so please consult with us. We can make suggestions to suit your lifestyle and other needs.

The accessories you choose will be installed free of charge.

04.Assemble the bike

After choose all, we will begin assembling them in order. We will contact you as soon as it is completed. (If we need more time for delivery due to stock or other reasons, we will explain it to you in advance.)

We use the same special machine that was used in “02. Choosing a bike” to adjust the riding posture to suit your physique, so even first-time riders can ride comfortably.

We will also explain how to handle the bike so that you can ride it safely, even if it is your first time. If you have any other questions or requests (e.g., how to ride a bicycle in a train), we will explain them to you.


It’s time to start your cycle life!

In order to support a safe and enjoy cycle life, we offer free labor for regular maintenance for all customers who purchase a bike from us! (※Excluding the cost of parts).

Please feel free to bring your bicycle to us if you feel any problems or have any questions with your bike, please feel free to bring it to us. Of course, we also offer maintenance and customization services for bicycles purchased outside of our store!


We regularly host and participate in cycle events.

  ※We are currently suspending these events due to corona-virus.

Please feel free to join us for these events, even if you’re beginner! Why not try a different way of having fun, interacting with your riding friends, and discovering a new world?